Many new tools and features are introduced in Tik Tok’s global event

Many new tools and features are introduced in Tik Tok's global event

TikTok has announced several important features and facilities for its global event ‘Tik Tok World Event’ including ways to monetize ads, video promotion, new opportunities, and far-reaching video interpretation.

TikTok’s booming popularity has attracted many businesses to the platform, while Tik Tok has also introduced Showtime facilities related to local movies, their tickets, or live streams.

TikTok has introduced another feature called ‘Focused View’ where advertisers will be charged based on engagement and attention. The advertiser will only be charged if a user watches a six-second ad, and this method has become popular with many companies.
Although this option is similar to YouTube, it is an important option for Tik Tok as people tend to skip videos very quickly due to short videos and stay on a video only after long scrolling.

Apart from this, some facilities have been created for messaging and display. Another option is ‘Logic Setting’ in which advertisers will be able to add some of their queries.

TikTok currently has 8 million people from all over the world who make regular videos and their marketplace has also been improved. It has expanded the data by improving the search.

It should be noted that Tik Tok is still the fastest-growing short video platform worldwide.

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